6 reasons why you must have sliced diamond jewelry this season!

Sliced diamonds are the next big thing:  edgy, unique and rough. Their popularity grew because they recently caught jewelry designers’ attention and are trending, but they have been in the market for three or four years.

Diamond slices are thinly sliced sections of a larger diamond piece, each cut in their own particular shape. Designers cut the rough diamond and shape it to create a more captivating piece. Each diamond has a unique story. Be ready to find your diamond slice look, make your own story, and follow this hot fashion trend! Don’t think you can afford diamond sliced jewelry?  Guess again!  Gifted Unique works very closely with our diamond artisans to find unique pieces that you can afford.

1:  Sliced Diamonds Drop Earrings  

These drop sliced earrings look amazing no matter how you wear them.  Sliced diamonds are made in different shapes, sizes, and colors. They can be more opaque or transparent. They also have different inclusions and patterns so you can find the perfect design that suite your style.  Barney’s offers these sliced diamond huggies.

Sliced-Diamond-Earrings-Gifted-Unique-1 Get these sliced diamond jewelry looks for less!

2:  Sliced Diamond Pendants

Classy and very unique, sliced diamond pendants are something that used to be available only to those who could afford them!  Now very popular with the fashion set, you can’t go wrong with sliced diamond pendants for any event or happening. Featuring Anna Sisteron and Gifted Unique.

Sliced-Diamond-Pendants-Gifted-Unique-925 Get these sliced diamond jewelry looks for less!


3:  Sliced Diamond Bracelets

Sliced diamond bracelets are unique. They are specifically cut and offer attractive patterns. Artists who create these pieces cut and shape the roughness to grant a unique pattern to each slice diamond.  Check out Broken English for the bracelet on the left.

Sliced-Diamond-Bracelets-925-Gifted-Unique Get these sliced diamond jewelry looks for less!

4:  Sliced Diamond Chains

There is nothing like a sliced diamond chain to make your outfit look amazing! We found this adorable delectable over at Moondance But find something similar right here on Gifted Unique!

Sliced-Diamond-Necklace-Gifted-Unique-1024x384 Get these sliced diamond jewelry looks for less!


5:  Sliced Diamond Rings

We kind of love these artsy and affordable diamond rings we found by Anna Sisteron, for only $580.  Gifted Unique also offers a new selection of artisan sliced diamond jewelry rings.  If you don’t see what you like, we can custom order a sliced diamond ring that you will adore!

Diamond-Rings Get these sliced diamond jewelry looks for less!

6:  Studs with a Twist

Designers with an eye for nature and art specifically create these diamond slices jewelry patterns, offering class and style for every taste.  These earrings can take you from day to night with their design versatility.  Artfully crafted so that each diamond sparkles no matter what direction your head turns! 

Sliced-cluster-diamond-Earrings-1 Get these sliced diamond jewelry looks for less!

Questions about sliced diamond jewelry:

How is sliced diamonds jewelry different than full cut diamonds? Diamond cutters with an eye for nature’s art have created “diamond slices”—thinly sliced sections of large highly included rough for jewelry designers. The idea, is to cut the rough to show interesting patterns while keeping the stone’s original outline. Sliced diamonds are sometimes less expensive than a full cut diamond, but as you can see from the pricing above, many large jewelers charge the same amount for sliced diamonds as for a regular full cut diamond.

How do I care for a sliced diamond jewelry? Sliced diamonds are as delicate as a regular diamond so you want to be careful about the usage and how active you are while wearing them.  We don’t recommend sports or other physical activities that can be rough on any jewelry.  To clean, use a soft cloth.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions about prices, sizes or special orders!