Layered necklaces are trending now.  Think of these trends as a jewelry puzzle that you will make fit well. It can be a way to find, determine and express your own personal style. With an everlasting mix of possible necklace combinations your style never get boring! How will you stack and layer your jewelry? Follow these tips to get the layered look right!

1:  Play with lengths.

When it comes to necklaces, pick a variety of pieces with different lengths to combine them together. Always pick an anchor piece, that is the closest to your neck– this can be a chunky piece or a delicate small pendant. Combine that piece with a longer and longest chain for the perfect look that allows each piece to stand on its own. The picture below uses a delicate balance and includes a fabulous lariat to draw attention to the overall look.

Stacking-Necklaces-Gifted-Unique Layered necklaces: get the look right!

2:  Mix and match styles.

Contrasting styles will add depth to the layered look.  Mix modern styles can work well with more traditional pieces. Don’t be afraid to pick a shorter piece, like a simple diamond, word, letter, bar, celestial or pearl necklace, and combine it with a longer piece that doesn’t overshadow the shorter piece’s design. Remember you can also play with your chain material and texture. Make sure the styles harmonize with each other!

Semiprecious Layered necklaces: get the look right!

3: Consider your outfit.

Don’t forget your outfit is key to finalize all your jewelry decisions. Consider your top’s color, designs, and details. A simple top will make your layered and stacked jewelry resonate and be more noticeable. 

Layered-Looks Layered necklaces: get the look right!

4: Have the right amount of layering.

Use at least three necklaces. Make sure you have enough layering going — we don’t think you can have too many necklaces but you might want to stop at 4. It all depends on each necklaces style and length.  For example, you might be able to use 5 if the necklaces are very delicate, but 5 would be overwhelming for with all chunky chains.

Layering-5-or-more-necklaces-gifted-unique Layered necklaces: get the look right!


5:  Contrast metals and materials. 

It is perfectly in style to contrast materials. Depending on your outfit, consider combining rose gold, gold or silver colors. Also consider other materials and textures for your chains, such as rope or cable. For example, don’t be afraid to mix rose gold, gold and silver materials in your layered necklace look. Or you might opt for a monotone look.  Either way, you can’t go wrong!

Different-Metal-Layering Layered necklaces: get the look right!

6:  Play with texture.

Match different styles so one stands out over the other.  Pair a chunky chain with something more delicate.

chunky-chain Layered necklaces: get the look right!

Gifted Unique

7:  Use a single theme.

Ideas include:  celestial, diamonds, coins, or color (such as turquoise).

Layering-necklace-ideas-Gifted-Unique-1024x332 Layered necklaces: get the look right!

Jade Trau                                                                            Meredith Waterstraat


Layered necklace freestyle!

Remembering, when you layer and stack, you ultimately create your own new style combination and nothing is set in stone. Don’t be afraid to try something new!