I’m obsessed with jewelry.  Specifically diamonds.  There, I said it out loud.  My obsession with these wonderous stones have lead me on a journey toward truth; truth in about understanding the value of a diamond and what it means when it comes to purchasing and owning diamond jewelry. At the very least, it is necessary to acknowledge that there are all kinds of diamonds in varying sizes and qualities.  But the only way that you know the true value of a stone is if you have a GIA certification (and that actually is a paper certificate) that tells you the quality and the value of the stone.  If you don’t know, diamonds are graded on clarity, cut, color and carat weight (size).  The truth of the entire jewelry world, diamonds notwithstanding, is sometimes you get what you pay for and sometimes you are paying for the association with a brand.

I know, from not only designing my own jewelry and purchasing my own stones and metals, that the cost of a piece of jewelry is based on several factors:

  1. Cost of the stone that you use
  2. Cost of the metal you use
  3. Cost it takes to produce:  Do you craft by hand? Is the cast computer made? There are a variety of levels of craftsmanship and it comes down to how long it took you to make or how much a jewelry artisan charged you to craft the piece.

But in the end, the true value of a piece of jewelry is determined by the demand for the piece, and the perception of the value. So for example, here are two very similar diamond necklaces.  Can you tell which is more expensive?  Can you tell by how much?  Don’t cheat by clicking on the links!

Truth-About-Diamonds-1024x384 The Truth About Diamond Jewelry

     Diamond Baguettes  1          Diamond Baguettes  2

And the answer is:  #1 is $3800 versus  #2 $279 at Gifted Unique. Why?  Number 1 is made from 18K gold and features 1 carat of diamonds, while ours is made from 925 Sterling Silver and has .25 carats of diamonds.  Is it r worth 10 times the cost of necklace #2? Maybe to some, but we can pretty much guarantee that the baguette quality of the diamonds is not 10 times the cost of the second necklace.

One more example is these delightful diamond baguette bangle bracelets.  Which do you think is the more expensive?

Baguette-Diamond-Bracelets-from-Gifted-Unique The Truth About Diamond Jewelry

Diamond Bangle   1          Diamond Bangle  2

As I was writing this I actually forgot which one it was they look so much alike!  If you guessed bangle #1, you are wrong.  Bangle #2 is the more expensive, ringing in at $8400, versus bangle #1, which is $779.  The difference?  The less expensive bangle is made from Sterling Silver versus 18K white gold.  However, the difference in diamond carat weight?  Our bangle has 1.5 carats of diamonds as does bangle #2.  Yes, again a 10 times difference.

The moral of the story is the price of gold more expensive than silver, and it is possible that the diamond quality is higher.  And of course, we special order more extravagantly priced pieces if you would like.  But we believe diamond jewelry should be afforded by and enjoyed by as many people as possible!  If we can help you with your diamond jewelry selection, let us know.  Contact us to find to schedule an in-person appointment:  [email protected]