This Baroque Pearl and Diamond necklace comes with one description… I love it! It‘s the perfect combination of classic and modern elements. I‘m sure it would look amazing with any outfit. It‘s definitely a piece of jewelry worth investing in! Teal blue geode, encrusted with diamonds, coupled with luminous baroque pearls and aquamarines.  It‘s all tied together with a heavy, 1carat pave diamond lobster claw.  And I just wanted you to know, it really goes with anything and everything from a little black dress to a teal blue towel.  Ok, what it is, is that I just couldn‘t find anything in my closet to match it with and, this morning, it was the first thing that appeared.  Everyone tries so hard to show off their designs with models that I thought you should see that anyone can, and should wear jewelry from Gifted Unique, any time but please don‘t shower with it it can damage it.  It‘s just a little joke, you see.  What do you think?

Necklace Composition

1) A bevy of pave diamonds: first in the beautiful pave diamond lobster clasp that ties the look together, and then scattered throughout the teal blue geode in a dazzling array, coupled with luminous baroque pearls and aquamarines.

2) Brilliant teal blue geode: I‘ve never seen anything like it. I had to have it and it‘s the only one in stock. Honestly, I hate to part with this necklace. But I will for the right buyer 🙂 Is it you?

3) Gorgeous baroque pearls: These luminous pearls are simply scrumptious. They are glowing and I can‘t wait until more come into stock so I can create more gorgeous necklaces and bracelets with them.

4) Aquamarines: Pale blue aquamarine gemstone beads top off this oneofakind pearl necklace. What are you waiting for? There is ONLY ONE. A truly unique gift for someone you love or you!