Zircon and Snake Pendant
14k gold snake pendant on Zircon

14k Gold Snake Pendant on Zircon


Each piece is made to order.  Allow 1 week for delivery.  Zircon chain included.

This 14k gold snake pendant is meticulously crafted using the unique casting technique known as “cuttle-fish.” Its mesmerizing design ensures it stands out as a true attention-grabber. I derived immense joy from creating this piece in my Manhattan studio, employing recycled gold in the process. The pendant is elegantly suspended from a stunning zircon gemstone chain, featuring a 14K gold vermeil and a diamond lobster claw closure.

What is Zircon: (It is not CZ)

Zircon stands out as a significant gemstone, displaying a wide array of colors and boasting a rich historical legacy spanning thousands of years. While it is occasionally misconceived as an inexpensive diamond substitute, in reality, it holds intrinsic value as a gemstone. The diverse range of colors exhibited by zircon is attributed to the presence of specific impurities, some of which are radioactive in nature.


  • 14K Gold Pendant- 1.25″
  • Customizable: Yes – length. Currently 18″.  Contact us!  [email protected].
  • Diamond and gold vermeil lobster claw
  • Gemstone:  Zircon

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