Opal on White
Opal on White Wood

Boho Diamond, Pearl, and Gemstone Bracelet


Allow 2 weeks for delivery

Perfect to dress up or dress down.  No one else has these unique Boho and Diamond Bracelets.  This one is one of a kind, so get it while it is still in my shop!  When you buy this boho bracelet, the summer will be with you every time you wear it.

Please note:  This bracelet will be made to measure your wrist, so allow 1-2 weeks to order.  Additionally, each gemstone is different making the colors slightly different from one bracelet to the next.

Stones include:

  • Diamonds
  • Pearls
  • Turquoise
  • Lapis
  • Aquamarine

The closure is Hill Tribe Silver – which has more than Sterling Silver as a percentage of metal.  Hand-crafted in Tibet.





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