Coral and Pearl Bracelet with Diamond Gifted Unique

Coral, Diamond and Pearl Bracelet


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We love all things pearl with a dash of color and of COURSE diamonds.  Coral, diamond, and pearls,  paired with a center white diamond pave ball (10mm) and 4 pave diamond spacers make this a year-round statement piece you can wear at any time.  Coral is high grade, undyed and pearls are natural freshwater pearls (15 – 18mm) Shown here with an elastic strand, we now use wire and diamond clasps to ensure that your bracelet lasts for a long, long time!  Wear it solo or with our other coral bracelets.

  • Stone: Pearls, Coral
  • Diamond Weight:  1.5 white diamond carats
  • Metal: 925 Sterling Silver
  • Bracelet size:  Customized to fit your wrist.  Usually 7.5″

Healing properties of each stone:

  1. Coral: Coral strengthens the circulatory system and the bones of the body.  It stimulates tissue regeneration and nourishes the blood cells.  Treats disorders of the spinal canal, the alimentary canal, the nervous system, and the thalamus. Red Coral stimulates the energetic pursuit of pre-determined goals.  It protects from depression and despondency.
  2. Pearls:  Pearls are symbolic of wisdom gained through experience. The gems are believed to offer protection, as well as attract good luck and wealth.
  3. Diamonds: Diamonds have been known for centuries to promote strength, invincibility, courage, creativity, and imagination, help one to feel lighter, more joyful, and more aligned with spirit,  stimulate and open all of the chakras, especially the crown.

Does anyone really need a reason to buy diamonds?


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Fashion Strada

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