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Link chain, rubies and diamonds $475 | $650


Non-Refundable.  Made to order.  Allow up to 10 days for delivery.  Can be a rush order.


Explore the elegance of this meticulously crafted link chain, rubies and diamonds, featuring a dazzling diamond pave heart pendant. The fusion of hand-crafted link chains with exquisite gemstones and diamonds is my latest design, a testament to my passion for creating unique jewelry. Each link is personally crafted in my New York City studio, allowing for a bespoke touch. Tailoring the links to your specific preferences is something I can easily accommodate.

This adjustable link chain ranges from a classic 16 inches to an impressive 20 inches, ensuring a perfect fit. Please allow a week for delivery as each piece is made with meticulous care. To ensure timely delivery, orders will be accepted until December 18, making it the perfect holiday gift.




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