1-Pearl on Lori

South Sea Pearl Pendant


This is a truly hand-crafted (made on the bench!) soldering and all.  This gorgeous South Sea pearl is about 12 mm.  The hand-crafted pendant piece and chain are sterling silver.  One-of-a-kind but can be custom ordered.  I hand-selected this particular pearl because it was nearly round and almost white.  The post design is a simple curve shape, to reflect the gentle curve of the south sea wave.  Together, the pendant and the pearl create a beautiful natural harmony.

About South Sea Pearls

The Pinctada maxima oyster can take up to five years to produce a single South Sea pearl, whereas more common freshwater oysters can take as little as three months and create dozens of pearls. This long cultivation process makes South Sea pearls rarer — and more expensive.  Much longer than it takes to birth a baby.  Figure that!


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