Sterling Silver Adinkra Symbol Pendant


Crafted with meticulous care in my New York City studio, this exquisite Adinkra Symbol pendant is fashioned from sterling silver, showcasing a symbol revered as the King among the Adinkra symbols. Symbolizing authority, leadership, and charisma, it stands as an embodiment of the noble qualities associated with kings.

The pendant, adorned with a captivating pattern, is elegantly suspended from an 18″ sterling silver chain. However, for those seeking a touch of personalized luxury, gemstone options abound. Choose from a spectrum of hues, including the regal red of ruby, the deep blue allure of sapphire, the mysterious black of spinel, or the delicate pale green of Zircon. Each gemstone not only adds a distinctive touch to the pendant but also imbues it with additional meaning and significance. This handcrafted piece seamlessly marries traditional craftsmanship with contemporary elegance, making it a timeless and meaningful accessory for those who appreciate both artistry and symbolism.


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