6 Reasons why chain link necklaces are better than any other necklace you own right now!

As a new season starts, eye-catching fashion trends awake and come back in style. If you’re looking for something delicate or bold,  make a statement with chain link necklaces. This fall, fall for chain-link jewelry!  Read our top reasons to wear a chain link necklace below.   But first,  check out our top finds!

  •  Hot now!  Chain link necklaces

    Chain Link Necklace With Leather

    Get with the latest trend with this very affordable gold plated link chain necklace with a braided leather insert.  Dare to be different! $200

  •  Hot now!  Chain link necklaces

    Cartier Gold Link Chaine

    You can never go wrong with the incomparable Santos de Cartier 18K gold necklace.  $7450.  #iwantit

  •  Hot now!  Chain link necklaces

    Buccellati 18K Yellow Gold Necklace

    Milan-based Buccellati is lauded for its exquisitely textured jewelry: gold and silver spun into sophisticated webs and often punctuated with precious stones.  $8500

  •  Hot now!  Chain link necklaces

    Keishi Pearl Chain Link

    This Keishi Pearl sterling chain link necklace is one of a kind and perfect for the girl who likes one-of-a-kind creations. $150

  •  Hot now!  Chain link necklaces

    Triple Stranded Necklace

    A perfect triple strand necklace that anyone can love and afford! $195

  •  Hot now!  Chain link necklaces

    Silver Metal Link Necklace

    This lovely and affordable chain link necklace is timeless. $190.

  •  Hot now!  Chain link necklaces

    Chain Link Necklace with Diamond Pendant

    We are in love with this necklace- the same large links as more expensive chains PLUS diamonds! $700

  •  Hot now!  Chain link necklaces

    Fan Fare Long Necklace

    What better than a long gold chain link necklace for a perfect fashion statement. $297

  •  Hot now!  Chain link necklaces

    Turquoise and Gold

    This turquoise and gold chain link necklace is 36″ long and worn single or double stranded. $95

  •  Hot now!  Chain link necklaces

    Sterling Silver Chain Link

    There’s nothing like a classic sterling silver chain to jazz up your little black dress.  $255

  •  Hot now!  Chain link necklaces

    Mixed Shape Rings

    This adorable mixed ring chain necklace will make any outfit complete.  The heavy statement chain is flexible enough for every different fashion.  $185

  •  Hot now!  Chain link necklaces

    Chain Link With Diamonds

    Oxidized sterling silver with 1.5 carats of rose-cut diamonds.  We love this! $525

  1. It’s versatile. One of the best things about chain link necklaces is that they look good any way you wear it and you can tailor it to your own style.
  2. It’s classy. If you are looking to add something chic to your style, complete your outfit with our chain-link celestial pendant necklace. It definitely adds a sophisticated accessory to your wardrobe. And who doesn’t like diamonds!  Combine the new celestial trend with chains!
  3. Follow the fashion statement. Designers like Buccellati, Chloé, and Balenciaga all have been inspired by this fashion trend, the chain link necklaces are here to stay.  But there is no reason to have to spend a fortune on this look.  Genuine 14K gold or sterling silver chain link necklaces are well within the average woman’s budget.  (We’ll never tell!)
  4. You can combine and contrast. For a minimalist and low-key look, wear your chain link necklace alone. Aiming for an attention-grabbing look? Try layering, and wear it combined with other simple jewelry.
  5. You can find affordable options. Gifted Unique brings fashionistas some trendy, but more accessible options that follow the chain link trend,  specially tailored for those who want to be part of it at a more affordable price.
  6. Find your style pick.  Chain link necklaces come in many styles.  They can be short or long, double or single strand. If you don’t like 14K gold, there are affordable metal types including sterling silver, pewter, brass, or even, the more affordable gold vermeil.


Gifted Unique brings you the perfect chain link necklaces to complete your wardrobe. It is time for you to join in the trends this Fall. Shop Gifted Unique your hand-crafted jewelry!

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