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Labradorite, turquoise, 14k gold necklace

$850 $650

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You can personalize this necklace crafted from labradorite, turquoise, and 14K gold with the charm of your choice. While the one showcased here boasts a pagoda charm, you have the freedom to tailor this order to your liking. The necklace comes in a standard 18″ size but can also be adjusted to your specific preferences. If you desire a custom order featuring a specific 14K gold charm of your selection, simply provide me with the details, and I will create a customized piece just for you.

  • Gemstones:  Labradorite, Turquoise, Chrysoprase
  • Metal:  14K Gold
  • Pagoda Pictured:  14K Gold Vermeil.  You can have it 14K gold, but will come with an extra charge due to the price of gold now at $2000 per ounce!


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